Dr Muibat Adeniran 

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Assisted Reproductive Specialist and Certified Colposcopist

Welcome to my website

I’m Dr Muibat Adeniran; a board certified Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (OBGYN) with over a decade experience in female reproductive health.

I’m passionate about helping women achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness and I’m excited to share my expertise with you.

I received my medical (MBBS) from LAUTECH and completed my residency training in O and G at the LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso, Nigeria.

Currently, I practise both in a government teaching hospital and my own private hospital where I provide comprehensive obstetric and gynaecological care to women of all ages.

A top priority of mine is to make women feel comfortable discussing their health needs while I listen carefully to their unique needs in order to achieve personalized care that meets their needs.

Besides my clinical work, I teach medical students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, do research and have published some articles and authored a few books.

In addition to all of these, I’m a Muslimah, a wife, a mother, and a strong advocate of women’s health.

Thank you for using my website and I look forward to helping you achieve your health goals. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What You should Discuss With Me

Expressing thoughts and concerns about gynecologic health without any reservations not only enables a discussion about measures that can prevent problems, but it can also aid in detecting potential issues at an early stage, when they can be more readily addressed.

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Tests Review and Discussion

Get a deeper understanding of your test results with my comprehensive tests review and discussion services. I will walk you through your results, answer any questions you may have, and provide personalized recommendations based on your unique needs. Take control of your health and schedule your review today.

Prenatal/Antenatal care

Give your baby the best possible start with our prenatal/antenatal care services. Our experienced team provides personalized care throughout your pregnancy, from routine check-ups to specialized testing. We also offer education and support to help you prepare for a healthy and happy pregnancy. 

Fertility services

Realize your dream of starting a family with our fertility services. I offer a range of options, from fertility testing to assisted reproductive technologies, to help you conceive. I also provide education and support to guide you through the process. Let us help you overcome any fertility challenges and start your journey towards parenthood. Schedule your fertility services today.

Birth plan consultation

Prepare for your ideal birth experience with our birth plan consultation services. Our experienced team will work with you to create a personalized birth plan that reflects your preferences and values. We will provide guidance on all available options, including pain management, delivery methods, and more. Take control of your birth experience and schedule your consultation today.

Premarital Counselling

Set your marriage up for success with my premarital counseling services. I provide a safe and supportive space to discuss important topics such as communication, conflict resolution, and shared goals. Gain insight into your relationship and learn valuable skills to build a strong and lasting marriage. 

Cancer Prevention Care

Protect your health with cancer prevention and screening services. My expertise provides personalized recommendations for cancer prevention, including lifestyle modifications and early detection strategies. Take control of your health and schedule your cancer prevention and screening services today.

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