Dr Muibat Adeniran is your choice for excellent healthcare. 

1. Mental health services

Prioritize your mental well-being with our tailored mental health services. I provides therapy, medication management, and more to meet your individual needs. Take the first step towards a healthier you and book your appointment today me.

2. Review of Test/ Investigations Results

Do you have any test results or concerns about your results, and you need to hear the expert’s opinion on them? Feel free to use this opportunity to get a better understanding of the diagnosis and the available treatment options. This will also offer you personalized care that’s well suited at the case.

3. Prenatal/Antenatal care

Achieving a good outcome in pregnancies begins even before the conception of such pregnancies. My Preconceptional and Antenatal care services offer women treatments before and during pregnancy that ensure the successful and safe delivery of a healthy baby to a happy family. Many social and clinical conditions in women require that they receive this specialized form of care in order to reduce morbidity and mortality in either or both of the mother and fetus.

4. Premarital Counseling and Testing

Many breakups in marriages today can be avoided by starting right. Medical testing for medical compatibility are necessary and we can both look at this together in order to start and stay strong together. Marital counseling especially on conflict resolution, sexual disharmony e.t.c is a major pillar of a successful marriage and I’m here for you.

5. Postpartum care

Take care of yourself and your baby with my postpartum care services. I provides personalized support during the critical weeks and months after delivery. I offer comprehensive care, including physical and emotional recovery, breastfeeding support, and newborn care education. Let me help you navigate this exciting and challenging time. Schedule your postpartum care today with me.

6. Birth plan consultation

Prepare for your ideal birth experience with my birth plan consultation services. I will  create a personalized birth plan that reflects your preferences and values. I will also provide guidance on all available options, including pain management, delivery methods, and more. Take control of your birth experience and schedule your consultation today.

7. Nutritional Counselling

Transform your health with my nutritional counseling services. My knowledge in dietitians will help you meet your health and wellness goals. I offer personalized meal planning, dietary recommendations, and education on healthy eating habits. Take the first step towards a healthier you, and schedule your nutritional counseling now.

8. Cancer Prevention and Screening Services

Protect your health with my cancer prevention and screening services. My expertise provides personalized recommendations for cancer prevention, including lifestyle modifications and early detection strategies. I also offer comprehensive cancer screenings,  to catch any potential issues early. Take control of your health and schedule your cancer prevention and screening services today.

9. Fertility services

Dealing with infertility and needing the right treatment ? Considering IVF/ IUI or other Assisted Reproduction? Or have you been dealing with poor outcome of pregnancies like stillbirths or miscarriages? This is a great way to receive evidence based treatments that guarantee success.

10. Menstrual health care

Take charge of your menstrual health with my comprehensive menstrual health care services. I offer personalized care to address your menstrual concerns, including irregular cycles, painful periods, and more. I also provide education and support to help you understand your body and improve your overall menstrual health. Invest in your well-being and schedule your menstrual health care services today

11. Child Spacing/Family Planning

I offer you the opportunity to share your specific heart desires in matters regarding child spacing and pregnancy prevention. There’s provision of right information on the available methods and their side effects, so you could have an awesome family life devoid of fear.

12. Disease Prevention/ Routine Check Ups

Here, prevention of chronic illnesses in women are discussed and measures are put in place to limit the individual’s risk. Conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Gynaecological cancers etc. can be screened for and prevented from occurring.

13. Preconceptional Care

Prepare for a healthy pregnancy with my preconceptional care services. Our experienced team provides personalized care to optimize your health before conception. We offer education and support to help you make healthy lifestyle choices, manage chronic conditions, and identify any potential risks. Trust us to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy and schedule your preconceptional care services now.

14. Sex Education Services

Empower yourself with my sex education services. I teach comprehensive education and support to help you make informed decisions about your sexual health. I offer education on a range of topics, including contraception, STI prevention, consent, and more. Take control of your sexual health and schedule your sex education services today.

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